What is Vedic Astrology?

  • In the beginning, this universe was nothingness (shoonyakasha) or Self-alone One only (Nishkama Brahman). Then there was a transformation and creation happened (Ahab Bahu Syama). One big cosmos (Mahabrahmanda) and numerous small galaxies (brihatbrahmanda) came into being. From the timeless state, creation witnessed time. Once prakriti got created and from her, the five tanmatras, the trigunas got created. All this emanated from the original sound AUM called the “Pranava”.
  • The Vedic rishis equated time with “Brahma” and found that the movement of the earth around the Sun and the other Grahas (planetary bodies) present in the galaxy have an influence on all lives existing on earth. Along with the Karmic theory set by the rishis, it all fell into place and action and reaction, cause and effect became the cycle of life.
  • A part of the Vedas, known as a Vedanga (part of Veda), Astrology or Jyotisha came to be called so because it was based on the vedic Rishis’ meditative shruti (sense of sound). Based on the karmic theory and related to the grahas, the study came to be based on karma and their fruits. He who does an action sees its reaction in a timeframe which co-relates to the karmic accumulation of that person in various lives. From the collective karma (sanchit karma), each individual lives his prarabdha and keeps creating further karma (kriyamaan karma) to reap its fruits again lived as karma in future (agami karma). Every birth of a Jeeva as per his karma, and his evolution and descent, both depend upon how he lives his karma. The same is indicated through the grahas in the janmakundali (horoscope). Now is there a way to move in a different direction the that of the planets, Yes. But that way is not just through a remedial path, but through a life lived in complete awareness (jagrukta) and discipline (anushasan), which is akin to a yogic lifestyle.
  • The horoscope of an individual is like a graph of his karmic connections. An astute and clairvoyant Vedic astrologer can tell by a mere glance the rising and falling in the graph and prescribe the necessary remedies to correct that graph and take it towards growth.
  • Whatever be the direction of the individual in his current life, it can be studied, corrected if needed and steered towards better avenues. Multiple facets of life can be looked into through the birth chart and analysed in a very effective manner to bring about a balanced physical, mental and spiritual growth.

Why go for Vedic astrological reading? 

Vedic astrology is the ancient wisdom and practice that looks into your soul and decodes your true persona. When done by an adept who is clairvoyant and can read your names and faces through your karma (what many term as akashic records), then a single reading becomes a potential opportunity to break some old patterns and rewrite destiny.

The positioning of planets at the time and place of your birth is a graph of your karmic path and your life in detail. Reading this graph makes you aware of your strengths and weaknesses, good and bad cycles of time and your unique personality. Once you become more aware, you learn to deal with hurdles in a better manner and perform the right actions that invite greater fortune your way.

One single prophecy is capable of identifying your entire karmic pattern and the link between your efforts and outcome, desires and results.