Suresh Srinivasan
(CEO at Erudite Management Solutions)
There are two types of wisdom, one which comes with learning and experience and the other which is inborn and celestially blessed. Vidushii  ji belongs to the second type. She has received enlightenment through her meditations and at a very young age it had become obvious that she is a “ Chosen One “.
Having heard her sermons, her guidance, the manner she can look at my future and guide me, I am sure to remain her follower. Despite being endowed with all worldly comforts, Vidushii ji chooses to distance herself mentally and look beyond where she is able to help so many people find what they are searching for. Rudra Universe is bound to grow real big and will be a destination for salvation.

Kundan Save
(Director at Omni Design, Architects and Interior Designers)
Vidushii ji guides us on how to do right things in life and stop all wrong deeds. We get to learn so many things of our life with her guidance. Vidushii ji also guides us and let us know what is meditation and spirituality and how they are different from one another in order to live more balanced way of life which leads to happiness.

It has been many years since we have been working with Vidushii ji for planning as per Vaastu Shastra for our projects. She has done Vaastu analysis for many of our projects.

The way she balances the various areas of office, house or building, the eight directions, the Grihas, the Pancha Tatvas, the various zones all other elements in a plan is truly commendable. When she carries out the rituals of remedy installation on site she is at the zenith of her spirituality. And she strives very hard till the plan is made perfectly Vaastu compliant.
She has done Vaastu planning for many or our projects. The few prominent are Gebi Hardware shop at Andheri, Dr. Niraj Jain’s residence at Mahim, Laminate showroom for Mr. Suresh Patel at Thane and many more. Even if the plan is very complicated & the directions odd, she still manages to give us proper guidance not only in Vaastu principles but also to make the plan practically workable. I wish her best of luck for her future ventures.

Lavin Shetty
(Executive Director-Tandem Global Logistics India Pvt. Ltd)
My experience with Vidushii ji was always like a guide a beacon I have spoken to her when I felt troubled, many a times without telling her that I am disturbed or troubled. A few words from her have always helped me to tide over any crisis. She was big time mentor during my sons 10th Std year. The right thoughts installed in you using right words. A treasure house of knowledge, an excellent vocabulary and superbly articulate. For me she is perfect friend, philosopher and a guide.

Himanshu Mathur
(Project Manager)
It was a brilliant experience with Vidushii ji. She is not only an excellent astrologer, she is expert in face reading, signature analysis and numerology as well. Whatever she told about me and my life was so very true. She motivated me and offered help to get a good job. I strongly recommend her as an astrologer and motivational Guru.

Ravi Shankar Gopalkrishnan
(CEO – Global Capital Fund – UK)
An excellent person, with deep knowledge in the subject, and highly capable of guiding you in the right way. Don’t miss the opportunity to be guided.

Rohan Ambokar  
Experience of a lifetime which has changed the way I see my life. Thank you mam (My lifelong mentor)

Venkatraman Iyer
MAX Systems This is to place on record the spiritual guidance that has been given to me by Vidushii Ji. I have been consulting her for a long time and she has provided me with advice after which marked improvement both in professional and personal front. I am greatly indebted to her. I have always followed all her remedies with complete faith which are highly effective.

Anju Lakhwara
I am very pleased with Vidushii ji and services provided at Rudra Universe. There has been a positive impact in me and my family’s life. I would highly recommend Vidushii ji  if one is facing any kind of problem in their life.


Sushmita Dhar
I was slightly tensed  prior to consultation but all my worries were completely put at ease by Vidushii mam. She has the unique ability to feel the pain of the client and she tries to help in the most earnest and sincere way from the core of her heart. She is a very warm person who can go out of her way to soothe her troubled clients. She had been extremely patient and co-operative while listening to my points. Past period predictions have been very accurate so looking forward to the future. Vidushii ma’m is wonderful motivator and very very encouraging too.

Pankaj Chavan  
I am really thankful to Vidushii mam, she is so knowledgeable and helpful, she helped me sort out many issues in my life. She can predict anything, she was very accurate.

Jayant Chandra
(Director – Petroleum Services)
I would love to recommend Rudra Universe for any doubts related to astrological problem in your daily life. Vidushii ji is soft spoken and understanding related to any problem and helps you in the best way possible. Till date I have been very happy related to all my problem. She is one of the best in India to get your problem solved. I would strongly recommend her.

Tinu Mathew
Too good service and healing methods by Vidushii madam and her team. Open for all religions.

Ajay Pillai
I really feel good to be introduced to Rudra Universe. Vidushii ji Guided me on how to deal with the issues currently I am facing. Her prediction was 100 % accurate. I would recommend consulting Vidushii ji.

Gaurav Yashwardhan
It was a great experience to have a consultation with Vidushii mam. Her knowledge for astrology is impeccable. She has a motherly approach, understands all the problems and guides accordingly.

Kaustubh Sonalkar
(President – HR Essar Group | CEO – Essar Foundation | CEO – ECSLLP)
We engaged with Rudra Universe for several of our people initiatives. From Managing stress to managing performance, from managing self to managing teams, from handling personal issues to official conflicts and we experienced some amazing results. From Junior to senior and from young to old, Vidushii ji could connect with all and would be able to build immense self belief and confidence in each one of them with great aplomb. We have experienced tangible business results and individual level transformations. The sessions (both individual and collective) are highly focused towards self introspection and provide a fresh perspective and direction. I believe that these kind of session are a must for every organization in today’s fast moving world.

Satpal Chauhan
Maataey u are n amazing personality Pioneer Mind Blowing Amazing Fabulous Excellent Your knowledg, wisdoms, Your excellence cannot be described in words. The GURU WHO CAN ENRICH YOUR LIFE SHE IS SO POWERFUL SO ACCURATE IN CHART READING AWSM ASTROLOGER