Are you feeling hopeless? Are you struggling to create long-term changes in your life that will bring about more life, energy, and peace? Do you desire more connection and intimacy in your relationships? Is your career and profession not satisfying enough? Are you looking for some change but do not know what it is?

At Rudra Jyotish, we look into you, look into your life experiences, look at your past and then delve into your current circumstances. Since everything in our life is strongly influenced by our past experiences, it is critical to understand our past experiences. But then, there has to be a certain balance between the past and present, we do understand your past, but we also look at your present reality and see if we can create a synthesis else it just becomes theoretical or therapeutical and not functionally sustainable and also give you with the best solutions for your future. What is sustainable is Life through and we help you live it fully and meaningfully. In the end, what matters is you become joyous and accept the real YOU and rediscover simultaneously a higher potentiality hidden within you.

The intent and the purpose of this spiritual mentoring program is for Gurushree Vidushii ji to personally interact with individuals and take them towards a stress- free healthy life and suggesting remedial measures to step out of the problems faced by them and walk the path of the greater consciousness.