The returns of the products/ goods/stock (“Products”) purchased on the Rudra Ved online portal (“RV”) shall be governed by the provisions herein;

As a policy, Rudra Ved shall not accept returns of products once the order for the same is placed on the online store and confirmed by the user. returns shall be accepted only in the following circumstances;

In the event a damaged Product is delivered;

In the event, a defective Product is delivered i.e. manufacturing issues are identified in the Product/s. This shall be permissible only in the event the manufacturing defects are identified by the User/end user in the time frame as may be defined by Rudra Ved.
In the event, warranty issues arise with the Product/s. This shall be governed by individual warranty policies of the brand manufacturing the Product/s for Rudra Ved or Rudra Ved in case we are the manufacturers and Rudra Ved shall in no manner act against the prevalent warranty policies of the Product/s.

In the event, a wrong order is delivered (different Product / Product quantity)

In the event, the detailed description of the Product does not match the description given by the Product manufacturing brands/ Rudra Ved, then Returns, in this case, shall be accepted only in the event the Product manufacturing brand / Rudra Ved agrees to do so. Rudra Ved shall in no manner be responsible for such issues.

In the event any of the above circumstances apply, returns / replacement requests shall be accepted if the following conditions are satisfied by the users returning products;

The brand packaging (primary) should be intact i.e. labeling, description, Product manual/s etc. should accompany the returned Product (except for normal wear and tear which can occur while reviewing the Product post-delivery).

The Product should be intact (in factory conditions) i.e. unused and unspoiled.Replacement Product should be in stock with Rudra Ved, if not, the decision shall be at the discretion of Rudra Ved.
Original invoice should be retained and returned the Product.

Return requests for the above mentioned circumstances can be placed by sending an email to or calling on 022- 25972710. The same shall be processed if it is found to satisfy all conditions mentioned herein provided all required information that may be asked during return process is provided to Rudra Ved.

No disputes shall be entertained by Rudra Ved  in this matter and the decision of Rudra Ved combined with the policies of the brand manufacturing the products shall be final and binding on the user / end user.