Love is life and love is God and if love eludes you, there is something you keep feeling incomplete about Find through a horoscope scan if you will have true love in your life or due to some past birth karma, your love will not be as satisfying and fulfilling Compatibility between partners, likes and dislikes, problems in your relationship, the desirable level of understanding are some of the factors you consider important in a relation.

Marriage is an association of two persons of opposite sex to live together and bring up a family. Conjugal happiness and lifelong understanding are primary factors when you think of marriage. An insight into your marital life, problem areas, compatibility, extramarital<strong> affairs, divorce probability, love between partners are aspects covered under Love, Marriage and Relationship Astrology. Even relations with opposite sex, relatives, and friends are discussed in this session.

Horoscope Matching is a very deep and important study of two horoscopes before entering into marriage. This matchmaking process has been considered a crucial one in Hindu society since long and it is mostly sought to ensure a peaceful, harmonious, balanced and healthy relationship. Happiness, growth, health, wealth are aspects that get affected when two people are incompatible. Unfortunately, not many astrologers look into all factors when reading and matching horoscopes and mostly give their consent based on a simple matching of gunas when horoscope matching goes way beyond the gunas. A deep look at the personalities, their thought patterns, caring and concern for each other, warmth and attraction are imperative areas of study when studying two horoscopes for lifelong matrimony. Lunatic or separative tendencies, ego barometer, health parameters are all looked into in a matchmaking reading session.

Many married couples who have consulted Vidushii Ji would speak for her wisdom on marital alliance and many times, their matches have been made by her mere glimpse at their photographs where she has given her verdict on marriage and time has proven those matches were made in Divinity somewhere. Consultations on matchmaking are done on specific days at Rudra Universe Centre for Spiritual Living.