Know Yourself Deeply Through Ancient Knowledge of Vedic Astrology and Rediscover Yourself

Do you find yourself struggling over issues that are beyond your reach and are draining your life and energy? Are you seeking answers from the Divine? Do you wish to know if you are walking the correct path in life?

Welcome to the Spiritual Mentoring Hour!

If you have been struggling with any aspect of your life and would like to have Gurushree Vidushii ji personally help you, then you need to sign up for this mentoring session right away.

Individualized Spiritual Mentoring Sessions from Gurushree Vidushii ji, founder of Rudra Universe.

The main purpose of this spiritual mentoring program is for Gurushree Vidushii ji to personally interact with individuals and take them towards the stress-free life and suggesting remedial measures to step out of the problems faced by them.