Each individual goes through a process of evolution in his many lifetimes and in the process, he gains knowledge. The karmic baggage he collects and dispenses also amounts and accounts for his akashic records and it is his karmas that make him take each birth with a certain prarabdha and further makes him go through a destined path. The planetary chart is nothing but the same path that the individual has set for himself through his previous karmas. This chart or chaturanga or karmachakra explains the individual in all aspects: body, mind, soul, heart, courage, ancestors, progeny, wealth, health, destiny, luck, career and the portfolio is such vast and expansive that one can read the debts from previous lifetimes, the failures, hurdles and overall growth.

Ancient Vedic sages, through their shruti and smriti, gave us the divine knowledge pertaining various remedial measures to propitiate the Supreme one and the cosmic energies for the benefit of humanity. Natural gemstones, one amongst those remedial measures, originate from natural mines that have great healing powers and radiate chemical and ethereal energy and aura. In other words, gemstones are the best remedies for healing the body, mind, emotions and energy and affect an individual externally and internally. Wearing the appropriate gem helps to enhance the power of a beneficial planet and reduce the negative impact of inimical planets.

An in-depth look at the vedic chart helps to ascertain the potential strength and shortcoming of an individual as per his planets. However, gemstones should be recommended only by Vedic astrologers who know the anukula system of prescribing gems. The nine planets and their corresponding gems: ruby, pearl, coral, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire, hessonite and cats eye are sufficiently powerful to enhance the vibrations of corresponding planets and invite greater health and healing in life.

The reason we refer to gemstones as therapeutic is because they not only correct the energy levels of the body, mind and heart but also act majorly as healing agents. Once an individual is healed, let us say, at the mental level, he or she takes better decisions with greater clarity, thereby inviting more progress and prosperity in life.

How are gems selected for an individual?

When we see a birth chart, we analyse the strengths and the weaknesses of the various planets and prescribe gems for a beneficial planet or of a planet that is benefic but weak. This phenomenon can be understood in a simple way.

When a child is born and the doctors find that the child has a deficiency of say Calcium, artificially Calcium is given to the child to make up the deficiency. Similarly, if a planet is weak and an individual is getting less rays from the planet at the time of birth then the gemstone which is capable of drawing more rays of that planet into the aura is recommended so that the initial deficiency can be covered up by increased cosmic rays absorption now.

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After ascertaining the type of gemstone to be worn, the next step is the weight of the gemstone to be recommended. While higher sized gems can be uncomfortable, low weight or lower weight ones can complete take away the impact which the gem is supposed to give as per the related planet. One must wear the weight proportional to the strength of the corresponding planets and the body weight as well. again, mere buying the gems from a store and wearing them does not serve any purpose as the gemstone has to be energized and a life in gemstone has to be put in to by mantras and pooja.

The right procedure for wearing the gemstone

  • Accurate and right weight of the gemstone to be worn as per vedic prescription
  • Right metal to be used for ring or pendant in which the gemstone has to be set
  • Time, Day and Date when the gem has to be worn along with the wearing instructions i.e. the right finger and hand
  • Mantra for wearing to invoke the energies of the related planet and its deity

Gemstone therapy consultation Report

  • Benefic and Malefic Planets present in your Horoscope.
  • Recommendation of best Gemstone(s), its correct and ideal weight along with best metal suited for the Gemstone.
  • Auspicious Date and time for wearing the Gemstone.
  • Purification method along with the specific mantra to be chanted for purification.

Planets and their corresponding Gems

Planet Day Precious Gem Semi Precious Gem
Sun Sunday Ruby Red Garnet, Star Ruby, Corundum
Moon Monday Pearl Pearl
Jupiter Thursday Yellow Sapphire Topaz, Yellow Garnet, Citrine
Mars Tuesday Red Coral Corundum
Venus Friday Diamond Zircon, White Sapphire, Quartz, White Coral
Saturn Saturday Saturday Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli
Mercury Wednesday Emerald Aquamarine, Peridot, Green Tourmaline
Rahu Saturday Hessonite Brown Tourmaline
Ketu Tuesday Cat’s Eye Tigers Eye, Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise