This two hours reading session includes analysis and remedial path of an individual’s entire life with a complete discussion on health, education, finance, and business, career, property, marriage, children, foreign travel, special Yogas in the horoscope. The karmic undercurrents, the remedial course of action, donations and mantra to pacify planets, corrective path, suitable elements, directions are all covered in this complete life reading. Presence of both yogas and doshas ad remedies to mitigate the doshas are also suggested by Vidushi Ji. The vibrations of the name as per vedic numerology and the correct path in life as per the name are also included in this analysis.

The complete Life Astrology Reading includes:
  • Comprehensive and exhaustive analysis of your Birth Charts, i.e; Birth, Navansa, Dasamsa charts, etc (including your Birth Ascendant (Lagna), Moon sign and your Nakshatra (Constellation) based on Vedic Indian Astrology)
  • In-depth analysis of the 12 houses of your chart
  • Influences of the Lords of Houses and Lords of Signs (Rashis)
  • Malefic and Benefic Planets in your horoscope
  • Aspects of each and every planet
  • Timing and accurate predictions for areas of your life, viz, Career, Marriage, Health, Love, Property, Business, Travelling, Etc
  • Special yogas present in your chart
  • Effects of Dasha periods in force
  • Predictions for entire time

For a Jyotisha reading, Please provide your accurate birth date, birth place, birth time as below format: 
  • BIRTH-DATE format DD-MMM-YYYY * example: 24-Apr-2001
  • BIRTH-TIME format HH:MM please mention AM or PM * example: 18:34 PM (yes it’s redundant but reduces mistakes Ideally, when possible, birth time should be known from an official birth certificate.
  • BIRTH-PLACE please provide NAME of the place and accurate coordinates (available via google)

In addition, please provide the milestone dates in your life such as marriage, divorce, injury-illness, diploma, professional license earned, death of parents, first childbirth, other important life events. These event dates will help ascertain the accuracy of the birth details provided by you. A current photograph of the person in question will also give complete clarity of the situation, hence attach relevant pictures as well with your query.