Astro Vaastu

Sthapthya Shilp i.e; Vaastu means “establishing” and shilp means “knowledge. Vaastu is the vedic architectural concept of building and designing your space based on ancient methods of constructing psaces. Get your house, office, shop, factory, business establishment a vedic architectural design and specific elements which give your space an obstacle free, high vibrational and balanced feel and appeal. Know the influence of five elements and the Purush and Prakriti energies to create a complete balance in your environment and let your space vibrate the warmth and energy of nature.  Contact Rudra Jyotish for building designing or redesigning your spaces in the ancient vaastu that is implemented by leading architects and designers.

  • Plot Shape

Rudra Jyotish guides you with accurate Vaastu planning and the exact plot shape as per vedic fundamentals. The factors considered while finalizing the plot are the soil type, water resources, landmarks & surroundings, plot location, plot shape and slope.

We help you finalize the plot considering the elements in the surrounding areas and the site location. Vaastu  has great significance since it is the most ancient knowledge of construction ever known to mankind. The vedic view of the shape of plot/ land/ soil, the construction, the structure as per the five elements, Purusha Prakriti principles & saptachakras, the souls associated with the land are aspects that create a completely different aura when implemented as against simple construction based on architectural grounds. Furthermore, the auspicious elements, the colours, the native’s planetary influences also play a significant role in the space associated with them. With a third eye perspective of Gurushree Vidushiji, you will experience a free flow of energy and divinity in your plot of land.

  • Plot Architectural Planning / Township planning

Rudra Jyotish provides you best plans for various shaped plots based on vedic architectural design and also plans for building / township. The planning will be done taking all the internal and external, purusha and prakriti (masculine and feminine), material and divine elements in consideration. We will also provide you with the stages of the architectural plan once we have completed the following:

  • Initial discussion on the structure
  • Site survey
  • Vedic Design development with given architects/ Rudra Jyotish related architects
  • Material options when designing sample flats and site offices
  • Complete vedic overview of the land prakriti.
  • Muhurat / Bhoomi Poojan
  • Muhurat

An auspicious time for starting good work leading to strong possibilities for the successful completion of work and to bring happiness and prosperity to anyone and everyone’s life is taken into consideration by Rudra Jyotish when giving you the muhurat. We give you the exact date, time and also make sure that right poojas & havans are done as per the personal horoscope/ business horoscope of the individual.

  • Bhoomi Poojan

Bhoomi poojan has a special importance since bhoomi is said to be pujyaneeya and such praying brings about all over well-being and prosperity to the bhoomi. But what is the correct way and poojan for revering the piece of land before any sort of construction starts, is what we, at Rudra Jyotish advise you on. Our poojan karma vidhi is based on the Rigvedic fundamentals that are the oldest known poojan guidelines.

  • Vaastu Internal Layout:

The hardest step is usually drafting the first architectural sketch plan but with Rudra Jyotish you can be assured on the perfect sthapathya internal layout. As per the ancient architectural guidelines, we give you the following:

  • Floor levels
  • Proportions
  • Dimensions

Whilst a plan is being developed, we look at the three-dimensional form of the whole building/ township which is essential to ensure that the rooms inside the completed house integrate consistently with the outside. All of this will be based on Vedic Vaastu fundamentals.

  • Personal and Business Kaalchakra reading for site elements:

At Rudra Jyotish we give detailed information on the site elements based on your personal and Business Kaalchakra as per the third eye view of Gurushree Vidushii who reads the site forces, energies at play, auspiciousness, aura and karmic fundamentals.

  • Plot / Land Diagram
  • Details of Environmental Surroundings, Natural, Man – Made structure
  • Survey Plan
  • Architectural schematic layout plan showing land use pattern and road network
  • Complete details of prime facility i.e. clubs, shopping mall, hospital, school, etc.
  • Your concept outlining the infrastructure elements that you need to create the shopping complex
  • Water Supply and details
  • Power Supply and Details
  • Drainage and sewerage

Our Deliverables:

  • Vaastu ranking and weightage report as per the functional usage
  • Vaastu Compliance ranking of each functional section of the township
  • Vaastu Report of the land suitabilty viz a viz shape, soil, quality, gradient of the land viz a viz environment around them
  • Complete Vaastu compliant – road layout and electric layout based on your architectural input
  • Complete Vaastu compliant – drainage layout and Sewerage layout based on your architectural input
  • Complete Vaastu Compliance ranking score of the entire township
  • Summary Report – Final Recommendation
  • Revised Vasstu compliant schema of the complete apartment which closely translates the concept parameter as per Vaastu principles
  • Layout plan for the entire township will be given through mail.

Vaastu Consultation

*Study of spaces, whether office or factory or hospital or township with respect to individual birth charts (vedic, astro, vastu) with recommendation for enhanced alignment with the five elements and the earth’s geomagnetic force. Vaastu Fee is based on the area.