The ancient Indian Scripture “Sankhya Shastra” and “Ank Shastra” are related with planetary numerology where the numbers from 1 to 9 are correlated with the nine planets. Calculating the entire Date of Birth or the alphabets in once name leads one to a single number which describes a person’s soul, body, personality and attributes in detail.

Numerology without Astrology is an incomplete science but when both the sciences combine the result is a powerful and in-depth analysis of a person along with his entire lifetime.

Namology is interlinked with Numerology in the sense that every alphabet is cco-relatedin the number and its précising planets and alphabets also has some sound vibrations associated with them. When these alphabets and numbers are studied in detailed along with the astrological chart and altered as per the planetary combinations, such analysis often leads to sudden and tremendous growth in personal and professional life whenever the name is get the Vedic astro numerological reading done fill in your Birth details in the given form.