What is the importance of your name? Does your name really reflect your personality? Are your karmas based on the name you have? Is your name a road map for an entire life time?

The answer for all the above questions is “YES”. Vidushii ji gives you a precise and accurate description of your personality by just your name, she always says, a name can influence your personality, how other’s view you, how you act and react, your name can be major factor for the success in your career, and the life you lead.

Name is definitely a crucial way of understanding not just you but also the world around you and your near and dear ones.

Vedic Namology plays a vital role as it defines your name as per the date and time of birth. The initial letter, and then the entire name is of utmost importance. When this letter and name is identified as per an individual’s vedic horoscope, the result is a balanced vibrations in nature which resonates with your rashi and nakshatra. When the name is kept as per these parameters, and that name is called again and again the meaning of that name and its vibration gets ‘ siddhi ‘ and you start becoming your name.

Namology is interlinked with Numerology in the sense that every alphabet is co-related to a number and its presiding planet, along with the sound vibrations associated with the alphabet. When an alphabet and number is studied in detailed along with the astrological chart and altered as per the planetary combinations, such analysis often leads to sudden and tremendous growth in personal and professional life wherever the name is applicable.