Rudra Universe offers you Vedic Astrology Services that can provide answers related with any area of your life. With Gurushree’s vast knowledge of the Vedic sciences and kaalchakra reading, you can now understand and evaluate your life in an entirely different manner. Explore your hidden potential and untouched capabilities with her divine guidance. Connect to the success vibes with the lifetime kaalchakra session scheduled with Gurushree at Rudra Universe Center for Spiritual Living.

Balance your work, family, finance, career, emotions, health through Vesdic atrology and enrich your life with the new ray of light you see with the help of Gurushree Vidushii who reads your charts herself and gives you the greater path to follow while explaining simultaneously the logical implication of your kaalchakra. Neutralise and balance all your negative energies with the divine remedies that will brighten your world with the new found Light of the Lord you will receive in this session. Explore one of the most mystical and profound way of getting your horoscope read and discover saintly advice that comes after a vedic reading of your janmas (lifetimes).

See astrology as a divine science that is interlinked to the law of karma and the theory of cause and effect. Perceive it as the relation between an individual and the Universe. See the birth chart not as a reading of destiny or of fortunate and unfortunate events, rather see it as an avenue to attune your consciousness and find your energy that makes you different from others. Astrology is the means to finding greater peace and harmony in your life by joining the dots derived through the time-space-birth equation.

Isha ki jyoti hai Jyotish, Vedon ka ansh hai Jyotish
Karmphal aur kaal ke chakra ka adhyayan hai Jyotish

-Gurushree Vidushii

This site is dedicated to ancient vedic astrological reading based on the ancient astrological texts. Along with astrology, there is an equal emphasis on vedic numerology, third eye kaarmic analysis, astro vaastu and remedial methods like gem therapy, mantras and danams (donations).